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Advancing positive leadership in an ever-changing world.

Our Positive Leadership programs equip leaders with the foundational leadership skills and tools to be able to effectively lead in today's environment. 

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3-prong approach

Through a combined approach of coaching, peer learning and skill development, leaders have an opportunity to “learn, practice and apply”, developing the critical skills needed to build positive relationships, inspire others and drive higher engagement.

Our cohort development programs target 3 key audiences

Individual Contributors & Emerging Leaders

Designed to increase self-awareness, build self-confidence and prepare IC’s for advancement.

First-Time Managers or Managers of IC's

Designed to equip managers with the foundational skills needed to successfully lead others and foster high-performing teams.

Manager of Managers, Mid-Level & Seasoned Leaders

Designed to help managers develop the capacity to navigate complexity, think strategically and foster collaboration across all levels of the organization. 

Team or company-wide learning 

90-min Virtual Workshops

or half-day In-Person 

Great for ongoing manager development, ERG events, and team off-sites. Choose from a variety of current topics.

In-person or virtual

90-mins to half-day options

An assessment-based learning experience that helps people better understand themselves and others—empowering them to work better together and improve team performance.

Coaching programs

1:1 Coaching

60-min sessions

One-on-one sessions with a certified coach focused on helping leaders navigate their unique challenges, develop critical leadership skills, and create actionable strategies for growth.

Group Coaching

60 or 90-min sessions

 Interactive group sessions facilitated by one of our certified coaches which provides an opportunity for learning and peer support.

Our cohort-based approach

The majority of our programs are cohort-based. This approach to learning provides managers with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, maintain a sense of accountability, cultivate a professional network, and reinforce their learning.

Learn more about our Positive Leadership Programs

Launch your program today! Contact us to discuss how our positive leadership programs can meet your organizational needs.

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