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Explore our curated lists of favorite articles, books, podcasts and videos that cover topics related to strong relationships and meaningful interactions in the workplace. We've also included resources on building supportive networks.

Articles & Books

In this book written by organizational psychologist, Adam Grant we learn how to build more meaningful connections and networks by adjusting our mindset and approach towards our interactions with others. It offers practical advice, and evidence-based insights into how we can  become more successful in our careers and more fulfilled in our lives by adopting a giving mindset.

"Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People)" by Amy Galo aims to help readers improve their interpersonal relationships and communication skills in the workplace. It provides practical advice and real-world examples for dealing with difficult conversations, managing conflict, and building strong relationships with colleagues.

In this book, Gordon offers insights into how to build positive workplace relationships and create a culture of positivity and collaboration. He covers topics such as trust, communication, and gratitude

Written by Ryan Holiday, this book explores how ego can hold us back from achieving our goals and finding success in life. The book draws on examples from history, philosophy, and contemporary culture to illustrate how ego can manifest in different ways and lead to negative outcomes.

In this book, Lencioni uses a fictional story to illustrate how dysfunctional teams can be transformed into highly effective ones. He covers topics such as trust, conflict resolution, and accountability.

Podcasts & Videos

The HBR IdeaCast covers a wide range of topics related to business and management, including workplace relationships. Episodes often feature interviews with experts in the field and offer insights into how to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

In this episode of WorkLife, a podcast hosted by Adam, he talks with professionals who have been successful at making professional connections and building a great network. They discuss what has worked for them and share effective, less awkward strategies for building connections.

Rick Turoczy, an active partner of startups within the Portland area for over 20 years, talks about how every person knows someone that someone else should know. That introverts can be comfortable with being uncomfortable by "collecting dots" and connecting dots only that willing individuals can see. If we are intentional on our own terms we can build community by making common sense, common. 

This podcast offers practical advice for managers on how to build relationships with employees and create a productive workplace. Hosts Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne cover topics such as delegation, performance management, and career development.

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