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We are on a mission to advance positive leadership

Founded during a pivotal time of disruption, complexity and change, our founders came together with a mission to forge a new path forward where everyone can flourish in the constantly changing world of work. 


Grounded in scientific research in positive psychology and behavioral science, we set out to create programs that enable leaders to navigate change in a different way, helping them to engage and positively respond to the complex issues facing them and their teams. 


We believe leaders should be able to flourish both personally and professionally, while positively advancing their careers. We’re here to make it happen. 


The four pillars of positive leadership

Adapted from positive psychology and organizational sciences, our programs provide leaders with the necessary tools and techniques to encourage these four pillars, which together promote well-being in the workplace and build cultures of trust, purpose and excellence. 

We believe positive leaders...

Perform at a higher level by leading courageously with authentic values-based leadership, producing extra discretionary results.

Build a culture of trust and collaboration, fostering inclusivity and psychological safety, where individuals can express authentic leadership and prioritize well-being. 

Create positive relationships, fostering high quality connections that bring out the best in themselves and others.

Promote work-life harmony for themselves and their teams, increasing worker autonomy and flexibility, and modeling clear boundaries for optimal health, productivity and creativity.

Craft meaningful and purposeful work, articulating a shared purpose and helping others get onboard in a way that empowers and inspires.

Cultivate an environment of learning and innovation, creating opportunities for growth and career advancement, and where teams drive and embrace change and take inspired action towards meaningful results.

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