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Well-being: Flourishing at Work

Explore our curated lists of favorite articles, books, podcasts and videos that cover topics related to flourishing, including workplace well-being and optimal physical and mental-health. 

Articles & Books

Chatter by Ethan Kross is about how to tame and properly harness your inner voice. It covers practical tips for enjoying the many benefits of self-reflection and introspection while greatly reducing unproductive and negative self-talk

"Mindset" is a book written by psychologist Carol Dweck, which explores the concept of mindset and how it affects our approach to learning, challenges, and personal growth. Dweck argues that there are two main mindsets that people can have: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. 

Author, Martin Seligman draws on more than twenty years of clinical research to show you how to overcome depression, boost your immune system, and make yourself happier. This books offers many simple techniques anyone can practice and explains how to break an “I–give–up” habit, develop a more constructive explanatory style for interpreting your behavior, and experience the benefits of a more positive interior dialogue.

The book is designed to help individuals who are experiencing burnout and stress to overcome these challenges and reclaim their energy, joy, and motivation. In the book, Dr. Jimenez explains what burnout is, how it can impact a person's life, and why it's important to address it. She also provides practical strategies and tools to help readers identify the root causes of their burnout and create a personalized plan to overcome it.

Podcasts & Videos

Host Morra Aarons-Mele is on a mission to reframe how we think about anxiety and mental health in the workplace. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., so the need for better leadership models and a more holistic view of mental health are more important than ever. This podcast features stories from people who've been there and experts in the field covering topics such as psychological safety, managing emotions, navigating anxiety in high-stakes situations and difficult conversations, etc.

A TED Talk given by Shawn Achor, a positive psychology researcher and author. In the talk, Achor discusses the relationship between happiness and success and argues that our society's traditional model of success - working hard to achieve goals in order to become happy - is fundamentally flawed. Instead, Achor suggests that happiness should come first, and that by cultivating a positive mindset and investing in social connections, individuals can not only improve their happiness, but also boost their success in work and other areas of life.

This podcast focuses on all aspects of workplace well-being, including physical health, mental health, work-life balance, and career development. The podcast is hosted by Pete Lonton, a workplace wellbeing consultant who has worked with a variety of companies and organizations to help improve employee well-being.

WorkWell is a podcast series produced by Deloitte that explores the latest trends and strategies related to workplace well-being, employee engagement, and organizational culture. The podcast is hosted by Jen Fisher, Deloitte's Chief Well-being Officer, who interviews experts and thought leaders in the field of workplace wellness.

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