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Manager Learning Experiences

Our Manager Learning Experiences are a great way for organizations to support a large number of their managers with continued learning and development on timely leadership topics.

Choose one or a series of MLEs for your organization or team.

  • Best for managers or those on track for management

  • 90-min virtual learning experiences (in-person also available)

  • Choose one or a series of MLEs to offer throughout the year

  • Great for ongoing development support for managers, ERG events, and team off-sites

Navigating Imposter Syndrome and Boosting Confidence

Over 70% of people report experiencing imposter syndrome at some point during their careers which. In this workshop, participants will learn more about what is behind imposter syndrome, why we experience it and strategies for effectively navigating imposter thoughts and feelings. 

Giving Effective and Energizing Feedback

Participants learn how to build trust, connection and presence through strong and energizing communication habits, including effective listening and feedback techniques.

Managing Stress and Increasing Well-Being

Explore strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, this workshop is designed to help managers like you: understand what stress is and what triggers it,
develop the proper mindset towards stressors, and
learn strategies for effectively managing stress and preventing burnout.

Building Psychological Safety in Teams 

In this workshop teams learn the skills needed to create a supportive and trusting environment by learning how to communicate effectively, give and receive feedback, and be vulnerable with each other. They will also learn how to encourage and support each other, and how to create a culture of respect and trust. 

Coaching and Developing Others

Through a coaching approach, participants learn how to effectively motivate and empower others. They also learn how to apply a strengths-based approach in development conversations.

Building Meaningful Networks

Participants learn how to develop the right mindset and approach for creating high-quality connections in the workplace and a network of champions to help them succeed in their roles and advance in their careers.

Negotiating for Better Outcomes

Develop the ability to negotiate in a way that encourages collaboration, deepens connection and helps move their work and career forward. 

Enneagram and DiSC Workshops 

As certified practicioners of both the Enneagram and DiSC assessments, we deliver engaging in-person and virtual workshops ranging from 90-minutes to full-day workshops. 

Image by Brooke Cagle

Support your ERG's

Our skill-building workshops are a great way to support your Employee Resource Groups and increase connection in the workplace. We are happy to work with you to create a program that helps to deepen connection and elevate the group's engagement. 

Learn more about our Positive Leadership Programs

Contact us to discuss how our development programs can help your organization increase engagement, well-being and performance.

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