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Elevate senior leaders with our MANAGER MASTERY program, empowering them to navigate complexity, think strategically, and foster collaboration while prioritizing well-being at all organizational levels.


of participants said they would implement what they learned in their roles.


of learners said they would recommend our program to their colleagues.


of participants said they found our programs and learning sessions to be helpful.

Program Details

The MANAGER MASTERY program is made up of 5 live skill-building workshops. Every 2-hour workshop is highly interactive and made up of: 

Live facilitation by experienced L&D professionals and certified coaches

Cohort-based program design with up to 15 participants in each group

One-on-one 60-min coaching sessions: a personalized space to craft development plans, set strategic goals and navigate specific challenges (recommended add-on)

Resource Guides and worksheets to help deepen and expand learning

Workshop Topics

Psychological Safety & Inclusive Leadership
Coaching & Developing Others
Strategic Thinking
Leading Change
Individual & Collective Well-Being

Our cohort-based approach

The majority of our programs are cohort-based. This approach to learning provides managers with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, maintain a sense of accountability, cultivate a professional network, and reinforce their learning.

Learn more about our manager training and development programs

Contact us to discuss how our training and development programs can help your organization increase engagement, well-being and performance.

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