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Are you ready to positively advance your leadership?

Our Positive Leadership Accelerator is an 8-week program that equips leaders with the foundational leadership skills and tools to be able to effectively lead in today's environment. Through a combined approach of coaching, peer learning and skill development, managers have an opportunity to “learn, practice and apply” developing the critical skills needed to build positive relationships, inspire others and drive higher engagement.

Program Details

  • Length: 8 weeks

  • Skill-building sessions: Five 2-hour live virtual sessions to learn and practice essential positive leadership skills

  • Coaching sessions: Three 1-hour individual coaching sessions

  • Virtual Practice: Resources and exercises provided between sessions to help cultivate new habits.

Employee raising hand, asking question to African American business coach mentor at corpor

Program Components

Program Outcomes

Discover your unique leadership style. Gain a better understanding of your leadership strengths, values, motivators and stress-triggers, enabling you to lead with presence, purpose and confidence.

Strengthen resilience and well-being. Strengthen your ability identify your own levels of stress and strain and learn strategies to navigate yourself and others through complexity, and to respond positively to challenges.

Become an energizing communicator. Learn how to build trust, connection and presence through strong and energizing communication habits, including effective listening and feedback techniques.

Cultivate positive relationships and networks. Discover strategies for building thriving relationships and valuable networks of support. Learn how to stretch out of your comfort zone into other behavioral styles to promote better outcomes. 

Build courageous and inclusive cultures. Learn how to promote risk-taking and idea sharing within their teams and the broader organization and encourage a positive climate of compassion, gratitude and inclusiveness.

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