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A scientifically-based approach to creating flourishing leaders and workplaces.

Supporting leaders to advance their career and their well-being

Leaders today are under enormous pressure. The external landscape is shifting and leaders are being asked to do more with less. Constant change and uncertainty is taking its toll on the energy and well-being of many. Engagement and retention continues to be a challenge.

Today, positive leaders are needed more than ever. We’re not talking pollyanna positivity where everything is a song and dance every day. We’re talking about applying a new leadership formula and creating positive and healthy leaders and cultures where everyone can flourish in the constantly changing world of work.

Grounded in scientifically proven research, we create programs that enable leaders to navigate change in a different way, where they can engage and positively respond to the complex issues facing them and their teams.

Why Positive Leadership?

The research is clear. Humans flourish in the presence of positive energy.  Positive leaders produce higher levels of performance, increased engagement, and increased well-being and retention. They also: 

Perform at a higher level. Positive leaders courageously lead with authentic values-based leadership and produce extra discretionary outcomes and results

Create positive relationships. Positive leaders foster high quality connections that bring out the best in themselves and others

Craft meaningful and purposeful work. Positive leaders articulate a mission and purpose and help others get onboard in a way that empowers and inspires. 

Influence and mobilize others. Positive leaders understand their own and others strengths and leverage them in a way that increase their own and others capacity for excellence and action

Cultivate an environment of learning and innovation where teams drive and embrace change and take inspired action towards meaningful results.

The 4 Pillars of Positive Leadership

Adapted from positive psychology research, our programs are rooted in providing leaders with the necessary tools and techniques to encourage these four pillars, which together promote well-being in the workplace and cultures of trust, purpose and excellence. 

Meaning & Purpose

Lead with authentic values and strengths-based leadership that helps others grow and attach meaning to work. 

Head shot close up happy attractive businesswoman looking away, feeling excited about new
Positive Relationships

Build confidence, self-efficacy and engagement by empowering and supporting others, reinforcing strengths and negotiating mindfully.

Diverse friendly male partners colleagues talking walking in modern office hallway, young
Energizing Communication

Encourage supportive communication habits and a two-way inclusive approach to providing feedback and including others in decision making.

Smiling happy mature older female mentor coach boss executive talking at diverse group mee
Courageous Cultures

Promote trust and safety within their teams and the broader organization and encourage a positive climate of compassion, gratitude and inclusiveness.

Young creative asian group meeting and looking at project plan lay out on floor discuss or

Positive Leadership Programs

Our programs shift mindsets and behaviors at all levels for greater impact and improved organizational effectiveness and engagement.

Different ethnicity and age businesspeople gathered together at boardroom for negotiations

Our Positive Leadership Accelerator Program equips leaders with the foundational leadership skills and tools to be able to effectively lead in today's environment.

Our Positive Leadership Coaching programs provide leaders with a personalized development space to help them deepen their self-awareness, clearly identify their goals, explore challenges and make personal application of the curriculum.

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