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We empower leaders to cultivate high-performing, inclusive, & engaging teams

The Institute of Positive Leadership (IPL) is a boutique coaching and development company focused on helping organizations provide highly engaging and timely development support for their managers.
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Equip your managers for success

Managers today are facing unprecedented levels of pressure. At IPL, we use the latest research and tools to help managers develop the skills needed to effectively lead in today's workplace of constant change and uncertainty. 

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Our development programs target
3 key audiences

Individual Contributors & Emerging Leaders

Designed to increase self-awareness, build self-confidence and prepare IC’s for advancement.

First-Time Managers or Managers of IC's

Designed to equip managers with the foundational skills needed to successfully lead others and foster high-performing teams.

Manager of Managers, Mid-Level & Seasoned Leaders

Designed to help managers develop the capacity to navigate complexity, think strategically and foster collaboration across all levels of the organization. 

Our cohort-based approach

The majority of our programs are cohort-based. This approach to learning provides managers with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, maintain a sense of accountability, cultivate a professional network, and reinforce their learning.

Actionable & Scalable

Our programs integrate skill development, peer learning, and coaching, providing managers with a unique opportunity to actively engage in a cycle of 'learn, practice, and apply.'


of participants said they would implement what they learned in their roles.


of learners said they would recommend our program to their colleagues.


of participants said they found our programs and learning sessions to be helpful.


What's the right program for your organization?

Contact us to schedule an exploratory call so we can get to know you. Whether it's through one of our existing programs or a custom learning experience, we are committed to helping your organization meet their development needs.

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