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Manager Essentials

Our Manager Essentials program teaches managers the critical foundational skills needed to build positive relationships with their team members and create a supportive work environment where everyone can thrive. 

Our Manager Essentials program is:

  • Based on science-based research

  • Delivered virtually over an engaging 2 hours of learning, practice and peer coaching

  • Cohort-based program design with up to 15 participants in each group

  • One-one-One coaching provides a personalized space to craft development plans, set strategic goals and navigate specific challenges (recommended add-on).

Increase Presence & Boost Self-Confidence
Engaging Communication Skills
Effective Feedback
Stress Management & Well-Being

Manager Essentials core content

Designed for new or first time managers, or those who have not had manager training previously, our program teaches managers critical skills to help increase performance, engagement and effectively lead others.

Managers learn practical strategies and techniques for giving and receiving feedback in a way that motivates and empowers team members. They will learn how to create a safe and supportive feedback culture, and how to provide feedback that promotes learning, improves performance, and strengthens relationships. 

An overview of psychological safety, what it looks like when team members feel psychologically safe, and strategies to build psychological safety in teams, regardless of where their team is on the journey to psychological safety.

Managers learn communication techniques such as questioning and active listening to help facilitate problem solving and encourage team members growth and development. Using a coaching model, leaders will become more skilled at listening, questioning and drawing insights from those they lead. 

Managers learn practical tools and strategies to enhance their ability to navigate and cope with stress and workplace challenges. They will also learn how to identify signs of burnout and ways to increase their well-being.

Our cohort-based approach

The majority of our programs are cohort-based. This approach to learning provides managers with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, maintain a sense of accountability, cultivate a professional network, and reinforce their learning.

Learn more about our Positive Leadership Programs

Contact us to discuss how our positive leadership programs can help your organization increase engagement, well-being and performance.

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